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Global Depository Receipt (GDR) Program

On 30 June 2008, the Company launched a Global Depository Receipt (GDR) Program, which was not listed under Regulation S and Rule 144A. The Programs depository bank is Deutsche Bank.

In 2011, the Company successfully completed a technical listing procedure on the Main Market of the London Stock Exchange (LSE), which began trading Federal Grid Company GDRs on 28 March.

As of 31 December 2012, the GDR Program had 1.4 million depository receipts, representing 0.058% of the Companys share capital. The maximum number of GDRs that the Company is allowed to issue is 2,511,896,256.

GDR Program Highlights

GDR Program as a Percentage of the Companys Share Capital

GDR Price and Trading Volume, LSE

Information about trading in the Companys depository receipts is available on its web site in Investors/Share Information/Global Depository Receipts at

Updates about the GDR program are also available on the LSE web site at www.londonstockexchange.com under Federal Grid Companys ticker symbol: FEES.

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