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Federal Grid Companys 2012 Report on Social Responsibility and Corporate Sustainability is the sixth report of Federal Grid Company (the Company) in the field of sustainable development, demonstrating the Company's focus on increasing the level of transparency and the quality of stakeholder engagement. This Report has been prepared in accordance with the following international standards: GRI Sustainability Reporting Guidelines (version 3.1) and Energy Protocol, Reporting Guidelines by Transparency International, an international non-governmental corruption research organization, AA1000SES Stakeholder Engagement Standard.

The Report covers the activities of Federal Grid Company, its branches Backbone Electric Grids (MES), as well as directly subordinated subsidiaries and dependent companies listed in paragraph 1.1 of the Report. The GRI application level is B .

Human Capital Management in Federal Grid Company is the priority theme of this Report.

The previous report was devoted to the implementation of the Companys Youth Policy as part of the personnel management process. Therefore, we can assume that the 2012 Report focus is more large-scale compared to the previous report.

The Report also describes the approaches to the management of sustainable development, efficiency in the socio-economic impact, environmental impact figures, approaches to the implementation of anti-corruption activities undertaken by the Company during the reporting period, as well as information on reliability assurance and innovative development.

The Report includes information on the execution of the 2012 plans and commitments.

To know the stakeholders opinions, in the preparation of this Report, the Company held a dialog with stakeholders on the topic "Human Capital Management in Federal Grid Company on April 5, 2013.

After the Report had been prepared, it was discussed at the public hearing held on the basis of the AA1000SES standard. One of the outcomes was the signing by the stakeholders representatives of the Opinion on public assurance of the Report.

Total area spanned 75 Russian regions
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The length of our transmission lines is 131.6 thousand km.
This is equivalent to a spaceship orbiting the Earth four times.
A reliable energy sector
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economic growth
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transmission lines
put into operation
in 2012
25 103
Total number
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employees as of
31 December 2012
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