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Share Capital

As of 31 December 2012, the share capital of Federal Grid Company amounted to 630,193,329,370 rubles divided into 1,260,386,658,740 ordinary shares with a nominal value of 50 kopecks each.

As of 31 December 2012, the number of authorised shares amounted to 1,346,805,823,831 ordinary shares with a nominal value of 50 kopecks each and a total nominal value of 673,402,911,915.5 rubles. Authorised ordinary shares have the same rights as outstanding ordinary shares.

No preferred shares have been issued.

In November 2012, the Companys Board of Directors adopted a resolution to increase the Companys share capital by a placement of additional ordinary shares with the total value of 4,082,034,991.5 rubles via open subscription. On 11 March 2013, an additional ordinary share issue was completed with a price of 50 kopecks per share.

During the additional share issue, 6,754,357,256 shares (82.7% of the total number of securities from the additional issue subject to placement) were placed. As a result of the placement, the Company received 3,250 million rubles in cash and other assets at the cost of 127 million rubles. The main participant in the additional share issue was the Russian Federation, which invested in the Companys share capital in the amount of 3,247 million rubles.

As of 31 December 2012, 79.55% of the Companys shares were owned by the Government of the Russian Federation, represented by the Federal Agency for State Property Management;

18.31% of shares were owned by legal entities; and 2.14% were owned by individuals.

Market quotations for the Companys shares

In 2012, shares of the power industry sector performed significantly worse than the market as a whole, with the industry indicator MicexPWR decreasing by 16.8% during the reporting period. The negative dynamics with the indicator outpacing the market as a whole is related to continuing regulatory pressure and the uncertainty of development prospects for the power industry sector. The Companys shares were subject to fluctuation during the year due to continuing regulatory uncertainty and concluded the year with a significant decline in quoted prices 28.5% for the year.

The price of Federal Grid Companys shares on the stock exchange as of 28 December 2012 amounted to 0.20104 rubles, which is 19% lower than the consensus analyst forecast, which indicates the growth potential for the Companys shares.

Detailed information on the Companys shares is available at the official website in the section
Investors / Share Information.

Depository receipts program

On 30 June 2008, Federal Grid Company launched a Depository Receipts Program (GDR), not subject to listing procedures (Regulation S and Rule 144A). In 2011, the Company performed a technical listing of depository receipts on the primary exchange of the London Stock Exchange, where trading of Federal Grid Companys GDRs was launched on 28 March 2011.

As of 31 December 2012, the volume of the depository receipts program amounted to 1.4 million receipts, or 0.058% of the Companys charter capital. The maximum number of GDRs which the Company can issue stands at 2,511,896,256.

Detailed information on trading of the Companys depository receipts is available at the official website in the section Investors / Share Information / GDR Program.

Current information on the GDR program can also be accessed at the official website of the London Stock Exchange at www.londonstockexchange.com, under Federal Grid Company ticker symbol FEES.

Dividend policy

In accordance with Russian legislation and the Charter of Federal Grid Company, the source for dividend payments is the Companys net profit, which is determined on the basis of the Companys annual statutory accounts.

According to 2012 published statutory financial statements of Federal Grid Company, the Companys net loss for the reporting year amounted to 24,502 million rubles. The main factors behind this loss were negative results from the revaluation of financial investments into stock with market quotations, accrual of allowance for doubtful debtors and impairment of promissory notes.

A resolution on the payment of dividends for 2012 will be adopted by the Companys Annual General Meeting of Shareholders in 2013. The shareholders have proposed to adopt a resolution not to pay dividends on the Companys ordinary shares for 2012.

Detailed information on dividends paid by the Company is available at the official website in the section
Investors / Dividendsa.

Total area spanned 75 Russian regions
square km
The length of our transmission lines is 131.6 thousand km.
This is equivalent to a spaceship orbiting the Earth four times.
A reliable energy sector
for Russias
economic growth
3 643 km
transmission lines
put into operation
in 2012
25 103
Total number
of corporate
employees as of
31 December 2012
of commissioning
plans for